Saunata stiilselt!*

*Enjoy sauna in style!

Oh the heavenly sauna – so familiar to some and never before explored fascinating territory for others. The Estonian sauna is one of the quintessential body-care therapies, whose benefits have been appreciated for countless centuries by the people of this nation who are rightly proud of this long, consolidated tradition.

But how to ensure that everyone would get the maximum out of an Estonian sauna experience every time, no matter if they are pros or rookies?

To make the very best of the beneficial properties of sauna, just follow these few simple, but important instructions to guarantee the most relaxing experience and general sense of wellbeing.

Before entering the sauna, it is a good idea to take a shower to ensure your skin is perfectly clean in order to gain the maximum benefit from sweating. It is also important not to eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before your sauna, just a light snack is the best solution to avoid entering the sauna with too full a stomach.

A sauna should ideally be taken in silence, making slow movements and reading is best avoided to enable you to concentrate fully on your breathing, which should be slow and regular.

After the first sitting, you should take a breath of fresh air followed by refreshing cold shower to cool you down. Sit or lie down to relax for a few minutes. Sweating involves a loss of liquids and therefore these should be replaced in the form of natural spring water or a herbal tea, such as lime-blossom, nettle or raspberry, or alternatively fruit or vegetable juice.

The second sitting should be taken for the same time and behaving in the same way as the first. This sitting should also be followed by a refreshing cold shower and a few moments’ rest.

Once your sauna is over, your skin will be soft and well toned with the pores opened up, the ideal condition for a massage with moisturising cream or the organic coconut butter you’ll find in our sauna. These beneficial effects, from the general sensation of physical and mental relaxation to the purification of the skin and the elimination of toxins, make a healthy sauna heat bath an instant source of wellbeing.

As well as all the traditional benefits associated with sweating, our sauna brings you also the relaxing properties of colour.

From its beginnings in Ancient Egypt, colour therapy is the ideal way of relieving disorders because individual colours have their own special properties. Red represents health and vitality, thus it is associated with strength, green symbolises perfect harmony, while blue has calming and renewing powers.

It was only when a guest asked me about the sauna oil she saw in our sauna that I started to investigate more into aroma therapy and the variety of scents available. When adding an oily essence to your sauna bucket, you can bet that the wintergreen, menthol or eucalyptus sauna oils will leave you feeling fresh and free to relax.

A very specific sauna scent is the one that is usually called “Tar” or “Smoke Sauna”. Yep, it’s definitely a love-it or hate-it scent, but it does take you back to the very roots of Nordic sauna culture, when saunas had no chimneys or windows, so sauna day was a rather smoky affair back in the old days (hundreds of years ago, that is). Nowadays, luckily, you can enjoy the scent without ending up smelling like a smoked salami.

Come for a visit and do not miss the opportunity of a genuine Estonian sauna experience!


Tere tulemast!

Taevalikud saunaelamused nüüd saadaval ka Sunwell Farmis! Siin on mõned kasulikud näpunäited , et saunatamist täiel rinnal nautida. Enne leilivõtmist tuleks kindlasti duši alt läbi minna, et higi (koos mürkide ja muu halvaga, millest tahad kindlasti lahti saada) saaks kehast kergemini väljuda, ja enne sauna ei tohiks kõhtu väga täis süüa. Leili võttes hinga rahulikult ja lõdvestu. Peale esimest leilivõttu hinga värsket õhku ja kasta end jaheda veega. Istu ja jahtu maha, samal ajal võid nautida tassitäit puhastavat taimeteed (vaarika-, pärnaõie- ja nõgesetee on selleks ideaalsed). Väga kasulik on saunatamise ajal tarbida ka naturaalset puuvilja- või köögiviljamahla. Ka peale teistkordset leilitamist käitu samamoodi. Peale sauna on boorid avatud ja nahk valmis vastu võtma sügavat niisutust. Soovitame kasutada selleks orgaanilist kookosõli, mille meie saunast leiad. Veel ei saa mainimata jätta meie saunas leiduvat värvivalgusteraapia lampi. Vahelduvad värvid mõjutavad leilivõtmise ajal alateadlikult meie meeleolu, näiteks punane ergutab tervist ja annab elujõudu, roheline sümboliseerib harmooniat ning sinine mõjub rahustavalt ja elavdavalt. Lisa leilivette veel aromaatset õli ja saunaelamus saab täiuslik!



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