A village can save the world


Researchers at Yale and Columbia universities along with the World Economic Forum have been creating the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) biennially for the last 15 years. The report provides a global ranking of environmental performance for 180 countries and measures how they do to protect ecosystems and human health. The goal is to provide a practical tool for policymakers to better understand and improve how their countries are performing when it comes to issues of the environment.

The latest iteration, the 2016 report, places Estonia on the 8th place with a score of 88.59 out of 100. Being in the top 10 of the greenest countries on the planet is probably not surprising any Estonians, but it is a nice reassurance that we are doing somethign right when it comes to Health Impacts, Water and Sanitation, Air quality and Water resources. Estonia received a top score in both Agriculture and Biodiversity and Habitat, ranking 4th in the world in the latter!

It is an honour to be an inspiration for governments to take notice and commit to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions. Basically, it will take a village to save the world.



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