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off the beaten track in the middle of beautiful Estonia that offers comfy and cosy quadruple cabins with terraces, inspired by bright and calm Scandinavian style. Odor-free eco-toilets and shower are nearby. Free Wifi, barbecue and an outdoor kitchen, beautiful views, fresh air, peace and quiet. Rent a smoker oven, sauna, bicycles and canoes. The waterways, lakes, hiking trails, watchtowers and bogs of Endla Nature Reserve - a hidden gem for hikers, birders and fishing enthusiasts, are on our doorstep. Experience pure Estonian nature in style!

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Trükisoe soo

Minusuguste puukallistajate ja rabafännide suureks rõõmuks on Varraku “Roheline Eesti” sarjas värskelt ilmunud raamat “Eesti sood”. Veel vahvam on aga see, et raamatu on koostanud geograaf Kai Kimmel, kelle kodu on juba mitmekümnendat aastat siin samas kõrvalkülas Toomal, Endla soo serval. Raamat on mõnusalt pontsakas ja täidetud fotodega nagu Tootsi sai rosinatega, kuigi tuhandetest Eesti […]

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Beautiful bog

Bog landscape stretching to the horizon and autumnal colours in the Männikjärve bog of Endla Nature Reserve makes up a scene rarely encountered elsewhere in western Europe or even Estonia. The Endla Mire System (with a total area of about 25 000 ha) is one of the most important freshwater systems in Estonia, representing a […]

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A day trip to Peipsi

In August (way back when the grass was still greener and sky a shade of brighter blue…) we made a day trip to Lake Peipus or Peipsi as we call it. Peipsi area deserves a post of it’s own, but here are some pictures of that day. We also stopped at Laiuse castle, which is […]

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Now at Glamping.com!

Great news! Sunwell Farm has been accepted to and listed on the worldwide leading glamping site Glamping.com. The page represents the entire glamping industry and leads the way for expansion and information. Glamping.com provides a directory of hand selected, personally vetted, high-quality glamping destinations around the world. Especially flattering fact for Sunwell Farm about them […]

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Kassinurme Hills

Since Kassinurme hills and sacred grove are very near Palamuse, where the annual fair takes place, I took the opportunity to make a stop on the way and take some shots of this mystical place. The weather was ideal and the midday light was just magical. Kassinurme hills were formed during the last Ice Age, […]

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Great Paunvere Exhibition and Fair

Every September, small town of Palamuse has a treat for you- Great Paunvere Exhibition and Fair! Palamuse is situated only 30 km from Kärde and Sunwell Farm, that means a 30-minute scenic drive through picturesque Vooremaa. This exciting and one of the most loved fairs offers (already for the 19th year in row in 2016) […]

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