Rooms & Facilities

Guest rooms at Sunwell Farm are designed to offer their inhabitants more than just a place to sleep. They are comfortable, cosy and clean, with a touch of soothing Scandinavian style. All of them offer beautiful views, fresh air, peace and quiet. Each cabin and tent has an eco-toilet right next to it. Showers are shared and also nearby. We can receive up to 12 guests at a time. In summer, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen is available for all guests to use. NOW also GLAMPING TENTS available!


The Writer’s Cabin

Find inspiration and discover your inner author...

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The Sunset Cabin

Relax and let the sunset in...

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The Glamping Tent

Experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury!

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Relax in our therapeutic sauna

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Summer Kitchen

Everything you need for your culinary adventures

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