DIY: Table transformation

I needed a table that would be multifunctional, inexpensive and look good at the same time. I found an old round kitchen table from grandpa’s shed that was covered in many thick layers of ugly shiny brown floor paint, probably half a century old. Looking at it’s ugliness, it was no wonder the table had been sitting in the shed for the last few decades. But I liked its roundness and simple design, so I gave it a chance for new life.

It seemed like a relatively easy renovation project and it actually was.

First, I removed the nasty paint from the table top with a heat blower. Sanding off the remains of the paint revealed a nice wooden surface, but also a burnt mark of an iron. Luckily some more sanding took care of that and the table top was looking so good that I could leave the wood showing by adding just a layer of furniture stain in ‘antique white’. I didn’t bother to remove the paint from the legs and just sanded them lightly instead, because my plan was to paint them white anyway.

Here I have already sanded the top and the legs, but you can see the original paint in the close-up:


The result was even better than I expected and it took only a few days to achieve. Sanding was the hardest part, even though I used an electrical sanding machine. I made the mistake of sanding crosswise to the wood pattern and only later learned that it should be done only along the natural pattern of the wood. This left some scratches on the surface, but since I wanted the table to show its age and character with its little imperfections, I’m not too concerned about the scratches.

Here it is in action:




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