About Kärde Village Society

MTÜ Kärde Küla Selts ('Kärde Village Society', PIC 933198783), founded in 2010, is a rural NGO with members of all ages, that is active in the field of sustainability, historic and cultural heritage, nature protection, involvement of citizens and an active rural community, as well as social entrepreneurship. The society has successfully organized Community activities day "Let's do it!" in and around Kärde village since 2011. The society has also provided the village center with a picnic and barbecue place, a professional volleyball court and replaced an old pier on the village lake with a brand new one. Worth mentioning are also such events as Kärde Village Reunion, annual Kärde Sports Games, bicycle trips, educational hikes to Endla Nature Reserve, etc. For the near future, the village society aims to establish a children's playground and sledding slope, park trails with lighting, a free outdoor gym and disc golf track in the village. Since 2015 the society annually elects and awards an outstanding member of the community with a Kärde Gold Stone award. Another important goal is to cooperate with other similar organizations all around EU in order to together gain and share experiences for further development. If you are an organization with similar goals and interests looking for project partners, do not hesitate to contact MTÜ Kärde Küla Selts by writing to info@kardekula.eu!